Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Congratulations to Woohyun Shim

Thank you, Woohyun, for this note, and letting me know of your exciting art update! I pass it along...

This is Woohyun from Korea. Yesterday, I heard really good news, and I was thinking of you to let you know this news.

I am awarded Jongeundang Art Award ( 1,5000$). The exhibition regarding the art award is going to be held this October. This Art Award is pretty big and famous in Korea.. so I am very thankful about this. 

At First, when I heard this great news, I was thinking of you and my first solo show in Omaha.. The great experience of the Connor Meigs  Art Award  helped me to begin my art career with a great start. I am so thankful to you again, Linda. 

These days, I started my Ph.D degree in Fine Art in Korea at Ewha Womens University. Yesterday I lectured at Daegu University in Korea about self-taught artists and their unique techniques. I also  had several shows in Korea.  

 I am so glad that many art people here in Korea will see the Connor Meigs Art Award in my resume, so even in Korea, I can let them know about the meaningful award of my very first solo show.. I miss Omaha...

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